Cooking with Maths

Maths is on every recipe card!

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    Math in Kitchen
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Cooking with Maths

Math is on every recipe card!

Whether you want to calculate how many fillets of chicken you are going to need to feed ten hungry guests or you are trying to turn a recipe for a massive festive meal into a romantic dinner for two, your math skills will come in handy.

Ratios, proportions, and percentages can help you on your mission to become an ultimate guru in the kitchen! Math can assist you in so many ways: buying enough ingredients, getting your temperatures and timing rights, converting between pounds and kilograms and measuring your liquids right.

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Cooking Times

What’s the secret behind a perfect roast? How do you balance cooking times and temperatures to achieve that tender and crisp effect, and avoid potential health hazard of undercooked meat at the same time? Next time a roast dinner is on the menu, these simple calculations should come in handy!

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