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Are you a bargain hunter? Do you like to save money or are you a shopaholic? In any case, when you are shopping, you use lots of math, maybe even without noticing it. Estimating how many items you need, looking at the prices, comparing them, calculating the unit pricing, calculating the percentage during the sales week, etc… it’s all about math!

How to convince yourself to buy anything you want!

Calculating tips

Are restaurants and percentage related?

How about tips?

When you calculate how much money to give as a tip, you’re using percentage.

If you are not good at it, you need some basic maths before paying your bill.

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Shopping Addiction

 Recent researches show that shopping addiction affects an estimated 8-16% of Britain’s adults. Despite its funny representation, the reality of being shopping addicted can have consequences on relationships, anxiety, and budget. That’s the reason why people have started looking for a cure. Read More >>

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