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D.I.Y Maths

If your house needs any improvement, you need to know math. In fact, when it comes to decorating, painting, flooring, roofing or renovating your garden, you have endless questions to answer about measurement and estimation.

How much paint do I need? How much wallpaper? How many tiles? How big is the wall? What’s the area of the walls in my living room? Before doing-it-yourself, you have to plan and buy all the materials. Undoubtedly you will find math essential and useful!

Painting Houses

Calculate how much paint you have to buy to change the look of your bedroom. Calculate wall area 

Learn how to use geometric patterns for decorative painting.
Painting with Geometric Designs 





Flooring & Roofing

How much carpet are you going to need to buy for your living room? Calculate the area of your floor. Geometry for flooring 

Roofing and Mathematics


Math is involved in energy saving when you read an electric meter, or your utilities bills, when you compare how much energy you use each month to the previous months. You also need  math to understand how much energy costs and to think how you can save it.

Be energy efficient and use your maths skills to save money and be green 
20 ways to save energy and money on your electricity bill 
Math behind appliances 




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